Extra Large Wall Clock

Depending on the maker and type of clock, the cost could be expensive or cheap. However, no matter the budget, it would be important to buy quality. Because the huge clock has become so popular, to meet consumer demand thousands of companies have cropped up to sell a variety of styles and designs. Unfortunately, many of these companies are more interested in making a quick buck instead of selling a quality product. The goal would be finding a large clock made with quality materials and workmanship so you know it would last.

While multiple clock manufacturers are located around the world, a vast number come from China. In fact, regarding import into the United States, currently more than three million clock manufacturers from China are registered. China is known for incredible oversized clock designs but no matter the country of origin, you want to make sure you end up with a quality clock that would provide years of accurate service and little to no maintenance. After determining the style of large clock most interested in, we suggest you spend time researching information online to learn all you can before making a purchase.

As an example, if interested in a grandfather type of oversized wall clock, it would have a pendulum. For a newer clock, the pendulum function would be spring driven whereas for an antique clock the pendulum function would be weight driven. It would be to your advantage to learn the difference between the two so when looking at different antique clocks, you would be able to recognize whether the clock were truly an antique based on the way the pendulum functions.

If you have your heart set on a huge French clock, you may want to rethink this choice. While French clocks are truly the most beautiful made, they are not cheap. In addition, French clocks are extremely difficult to maintain and in fact, very few professional clock makers know how to make proper repairs. For this reason, if you want the look of a French clock but without the expense and hassle, we suggest you look an extra large wall clock made in America, Britain, or Germany in a French design.

Retaining Walls

The difference is that in most townships throughout Michigan, the construction of a retaining wall is not regulated by the building department or construction codes. The quality of the construction is solely based on the experience of the contractor or homeowner. In many cases, neither party has extensive knowledge, experience or training, and as a result, it is built with poor integrity, installed, and destined for failure.

If you are considering on hiring a retaining wall contractor, here are some questions I suggest you should ask.

  • How many years have you been installing?
  • What are the construction specifications that you follow?
  • May I have a copy of your construction specifications?
  • Are you licensed and insured to be working on my property?
  • What is the warranty on the product?
  • What is the warranty on the installation/workmanship?
  • Where can I see some retaining walls that you have built?
  • Do you own the equipment that will be used on my property?

Can I visit your place of business? This question is very important, and I highly recommend you visit the company facility. It is not uncommon for companies to be renting equipment and working out of their home. If a contractor is not fully vested in their company, then I would suggest you not invest in them! These contractors come and go out of business regularly.

Pebble Walls Tiles

Quick overview
Pebble Walls Tiles are created by assembling together similar interlocking stones that are attached onto a 12″ mesh backing, thus providing that seamless desired tile. Whether it is their exotic look or their variety of colors, one thing is for sure – most of these imported tiles are originated from one part of the world – that is the S.E Asian islands. Practically, it enables you to coat any desired surface you choose: Kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms and showers, fireplaces, swimming pools and more.

Main benefits
This tiling technique undoubtedly transforms surface decoration fast and effective, providing several important advantages:
* Durable to most common home detergents.
* Made of natural durable stones that hold for many years ahead.
* Durable to any extreme temperatures such as around fireplaces and stoves for example.

Practical tips to go!
* Order a small sample of the desired tiles prior to making a complete order – just to make sure it answers your expectations.
* In order to maintain these natural stones properly, it is recommended to apply sealants every two to three years.
* If you want to enhance the color of the stones transforming it glossy or matte finish, use natural stone color enhancer right before applying the sealer.

On the bottom line
Pebble Walls Tiles redecoration isn’t just about a tedious technical installation, it is fun and full of satisfaction. There are probably many other pluses provided by this quick redecoration option, simply because it offers countless opportunities for professional and unprofessional installers whether they decorate at home or in the office. As mentioned earlier installation is quite easy, however, it is advised to keep the above tips before you begin with installation.

Designing Log Home

MECHANICALS: Open floor plans are the essence of the modern log home. They make a home feel larger, and keep the cook from feeling isolated. However, if you have a second floor you need to consider how you are going to get the plumbing, the electric and the ductwork (both supply and return) to the upstairs rooms. You won’t be using the exterior walls for that, so you need to create enough interior walls downstairs to fit all the mechanicals. Each object in all likelihood will take its own space between the 2x4s. Even if you use radiant-floor heating, you’ll need ductwork for the air conditioning. There are some systems that use high-pressure ductwork much smaller in diameter than conventional ducts, so there are other possibilities if you are pressed for space. But the best solution is to think ahead. If you’re tempted to use an interior full-log wall (or none at all), you may be sacrificing an opportunity to get more ductwork upstairs.

PLUMBING: The wisest floor plans are the ones that try to keep the bathrooms together (either back-to-back or one directly above the other) and the shortest runs on the plumbing. This can’t always be done, but when placing the upstairs bathroom, try to line it up with an interior downstairs wall. This way the plumbing doesn’t have to snake all over the place.

CLOSETS: I would venture to guess that log homes are usually notoriously short on closet space. I know my home is. First of all, it would be a terrible waste to put a closet against an exterior log wall. Why hide your beautiful logs? And because we try to keep the square footage down to a minimum, it almost seems a crime to waste precious space on closets. However, there’s more than one reason to include them. Not only do we seem to collect more stuff as we get older, but by law in several states the closet determines whether a room is a bedroom or an office. This could affect the resale (or refinancing) of your house. Here is a suggestion: put two closets side-by-side on the wall separating two rooms; the closets may not be huge, but it doesn’t change the shape of the rooms. Try to include a coat closet near your front door.

WINDOWS: As I’m sure you’ve already read many times, you can’t have too many windows in a log home. The wood sucks up the light like a sponge. If you have a large empty wall, the insertion of a window near the peak not only lets in more light, it adds character. Some people add windows along either side of a shed dormer. In my case, I had to move the roof line to increase the size of my bedroom window, because by code it needed to be 6′ square for egress. In any upstairs bedroom you’ll need your windows to be large enough to climb out in case of fire. Also remember that too many direct-set windows will decrease the amount of air flow to your upstairs. In my house I added an awning (a small hinged window) to the bottom of stationery windows in my dormers. This helped let air in, but even so the rooms can be stuffy. A ceiling fan helps, but ultimately I may need to add a skylight to create a draft.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

All professional paint stores will have a multitude of color card samples to help you make your choice. Usually several different paint manufacturers ranges will be available. So gather them up and head on home to browse through them at your lesisure.When you have made a choice, perhaps even two, give your self and/or designer brain time to reflect and the next day have a look at them again. If your number one choice is still your favorite then it’s time to head on over to make your purchase. Remember taking your time at each stage of the planning process will avoid costly errors and disappointments.

People often take the easy option when choosing paint colors, especially if they are not expert at visualizing the finished product.

Neutral colors are fine up to a point, but for a dramatic, pleasing and vibrant kitchen it’s time to be adventurous. The main colors in your kitchen will be the flooring, cabinets and counter tops. So a really great idea is to look at the possibility of complementing these swathes of color with a new wall color that helps them stand out.

If the kitchen is a place where you spend a good deal of time alone, then a less dramatic approach will be more restful. So think about this Dramatic or Restful and choose your paint to reflect this idea. Your kitchen will then not only be a place where you can show off your talents to the masses but you’ll be relaxed and stress free when you are home alone!

Small Kit Homes

Advantages of Using a Kit Home Package

If you’re planning to build a small home, it might seem like there’s not that much to it so why would you need to use a packaged home product? But, the fact is, regardless of the size of the home, there are still the same choices to be made, a variety of materials to purchase, and the same contractors to hire. Lets look at some benefits:

  • Reduced decisions make the preparation process easier and quicker
  • Quicker framing can lower the onsite labor costs
  • Complete materials packages can reduce the need to shop
  • Some companies offer easier access to construction financing
  • A kit home can make a DIY project more doable

Packaged Kit Home Disadvantages

Small or big, the same issues arise when building a home. And it’s a mistake to think that just because the home is small, or because you’re using a kit home that you won’t have issues and problems to solve. I’ve found the following to be common:

  • Wall framing panels don’t always fit together perfectly
  • There’s a decent price mark-up for labor and deliveries
  • Your materials and style choices are limited
  • Your site must be accessible for big truck deliveries
  • You’ll need to safely store many items onsite while building

Use These Suggestions to Improve Your Experience

After years of working with kit homes, panelized houses, and small home designs, I can offer the following tips and strategies that will make your life easier.

  • Consider hiring your own home building coach to help with management rather than using the kit home company’s rep
  • Pick one of their package designs if your local restrictions allow it and don’t deviate from the plans
  • Choose a design with a simple foundation and roof design
  • Try to visit a finished home which is the same or similar to the model you chose
  • Use framers who are experienced with framing packaged homes

Interior Wall Framing

The overall savings in the house framing might not even add up to $100, but if you’re project is running a little bit in the hole, you can always save a little bit of lumber this way.

The disadvantages to framing your interior walls 24 inches on center will be-

1. Studs that bow or twist can create uneven walls. If you have two studs that are bowing three quarters of an inch in their overall length, in the same direction, you’re going to have a visible curve in the wall. If you have three studs in a row and two of the studs are bowing in the opposite direction, you’re going to have a pretty uneven wall. Using 16 inch on center measurements, most of the time, this problem won’t be as bad.

2. Any plumbing or electrical running through the walls can severely weaken these walls.

I have never framed a house using 24 inch on center studs and probably never will, the cost savings really isn’t worth it in the long run. There are other ways to cut corners and still produce a nice product.

I did run into a house that was built during World War II that had studs spaced every 6 feet. Someone told me there was a lumber shortage because of the war at that time. If you wanted to build a house, you had to build homes very creatively.

Make Interiors Ready for the Summers

1. Try changing your bed sheets

Opt-for sheets which are made using breathable materials, like linen and cotton. Think of all the light and vibrant colours in the world and bring them in your room on your bed. We would advise you not to get too hung up on the thread count for a soft and luxurious feel. You should also keep in mind that this will bring the heavier sheet. A great solution for it could be opting for a layer of sheets with heavier one on the downside and lighter one at the top. This will solve the problem for the cold chilly nights.

2. Giving your windows a perfect seasonal dress code

Replacing dark coloured heavy curtains with lighter linen curtains is a perfect way to dress up your windows. Soft in appearance, these linen curtains allow air and natural sunlight to pass through it easily, giving your room a bright and breezy feel.

Note: If you can-try and create sync between sheets and the curtains with colours, this will further add up to create a unified and eclectic appeal.

3. Give your floors a vibrant look and feel with trendy rugs

Create beautiful flooring with trendy large area rugs and give your floor a cushioned feel. These rugs are a perfect way to create an x-factor in your room. They are practical, stylish and an awesome way to insulate your floors during chilly nights. There are plenty of options to choose from like the classic traditional rugs, cheeky and modern designer rugs, luxurious wool rugs, posh and sumptuous shaggy rugs and lots of others. Not just these, these rugs also come in plenty of design options. Few of the trends are geometric pattern, classic medallion pattern complimented with borders, all-time famous striped pattern and lots of others to give your floor a desired uplift.

Creative Wall Decor

Begin by assessing your decorating goals. Determine the type of look and feel you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to make the room look bigger, create a light feel, or update the existing style to something more modern and unique.

Select interesting pieces of art work or framed photographs to make the room pop. The frame, glass, colors, and type of mat board you use will add to the visual effect. These elements also create texture and provide a finished look.

Mirrors are perfect for making a room appear larger. They reflect light beautifully, creating an airy feel during the day and a romantic feel at night. They are also available with gorgeous frames, adding to the aesthetics.

Other popular options include tapestries, masks, fabric panels and wall lights. The wall is your canvas, all you need to do, is become the artist. Even simple plaster or stucco wall designs can do the trick. From vintage and traditional, to trendy, elegant and sophisticated, you can easily find decor to fit your budget.

Fire Escape Ladders For Homes

Imagine the horror of having your family caught in a 2+ story home or apartment and a fire breaks out. If you are not prepared then your options are limited to either jumping out the window our burning to death in the house fire. Obviously both of these options are not the solution you are looking for.

Recently, there was a news article about a house gone ablaze where several members of the family didn’t make it out alive. If they would have planned ahead, these poor folks might not have perished.

The truth is that every building with 2 or more floors should consider investing in at least one of these safety devices. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to store, and they may one day save a life. Investing in fire escape ladders for homes will give you and your family comfort and security whether you have a fire or not. Just knowing it’s there gives a better sense of security.

Who manufactures the best fire escape ladders for homes?

While there are many manufacturers, the two most popular brands of rope fire escape ladders are First Alert and Kiddie. Pearl is also a quality manufacturer that produces permanent ladders that install directly into your wall.

As far as what ladder to buy, that depends on your unique home and situation. Here are some good things to think about though when making your decision.

  • Are the dimensions compatible with my windowsill?
  • Is it a “one time use” ladder or can I do a practice run without voiding the warranty?
  • Is the device easy to use for young and old family members?

When you first purchase your device, it’s important to have a few ‘safety drills’ that imitate an emergency situation. This will get your family acquainted with your new safety device and make sure everyone in your family understands how to use it correctly.