Fire Escape Ladders For Homes

Imagine the horror of having your family caught in a 2+ story home or apartment and a fire breaks out. If you are not prepared then your options are limited to either jumping out the window our burning to death in the house fire. Obviously both of these options are not the solution you are looking for.

Recently, there was a news article about a house gone ablaze where several members of the family didn’t make it out alive. If they would have planned ahead, these poor folks might not have perished.

The truth is that every building with 2 or more floors should consider investing in at least one of these safety devices. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to store, and they may one day save a life. Investing in fire escape ladders for homes will give you and your family comfort and security whether you have a fire or not. Just knowing it’s there gives a better sense of security.

Who manufactures the best fire escape ladders for homes?

While there are many manufacturers, the two most popular brands of rope fire escape ladders are First Alert and Kiddie. Pearl is also a quality manufacturer that produces permanent ladders that install directly into your wall.

As far as what ladder to buy, that depends on your unique home and situation. Here are some good things to think about though when making your decision.

  • Are the dimensions compatible with my windowsill?
  • Is it a “one time use” ladder or can I do a practice run without voiding the warranty?
  • Is the device easy to use for young and old family members?

When you first purchase your device, it’s important to have a few ‘safety drills’ that imitate an emergency situation. This will get your family acquainted with your new safety device and make sure everyone in your family understands how to use it correctly.