Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Suggestions For A Fog Free Mirror

o Keep you bathroom as spacious and airy as possible. Bathrooms that are well-ventilated are less prone to mirror fog.

o Try and invest in technologically advanced bathroom wall mirrors. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers who offer fog-free mirrors. These mirrors can be installed on the bathroom mirror cabinets too. They use the mirror-warming technology to keep the mirror smog-free.

o You could also have a built-in vent fan installed in your bathroom. Keep the fan running while you shower so that fog does not collect on your mirror.

o If you are alone in your home then you could also consider keeping the bathroom door open while you shower. Just keep the bathroom mirror light open.

o If nothing seems to work, then purchase a small squeegee and a no-fog cloth. You can find both these items in any hardware store. Once you have them, all you need to do is to wipe the mirror with them every time fog accumulates.

o You can even use the hair dryer to keep the mirror clean. Here remember to keep your hands absolutely dry lest you get a shock.

o Also try a cold water spray for a couple of seconds after a hot shower. A cold spray quickly condenses the steam from not only your bathroom wall mirrors but also the whole bathroom.